The first slovak Borovička Distillate

Traditional folk alcoholic beverage Borovička is an integral part of the Slovak cultural heritage. Although many written memories are irretrievably lost, we are able to learn from the preserved ones that the production of Borovička started in the beginning of the 19th century in the territory of present-day Slovakia in today's Spiš region. Although the primary purpose of Borovička production is unknown, as a hint might serve the fact, that it has been offered by the traders, "Borovičkármi" along with the juniper oil that they learned to separate in production. This oil is used even nowadays as a natural remedy, as well as in the past, as a medicine for rheumatoid arthritis, gout, arthritis or kidney disease as the fruit of the juniper has strong diuretic effects. Another suggestion may be the similarity of Borovička with gin, invented by the Dutch Professor of Medicine Franciscus Sylvius, as a diuretic - a medicine for kidney problems. From these findings it can be assumed that Borovička belongs more among the means of folk healing than a consumable alcoholic beverage.

In today's modern industrial age, Borovička is produced as a consumable spirit drink (ie based on ethanol) and is flavored with artificial flavorings, the addition of which has to be documented on the packaging, but in practice it is the cheapest and least natural version. Since BVD is dedicated exclusively to the production of pure distillates, we have decided to make a major step back and return to our Slovak tradition with our recipe and we have developed the first slovak Borovička distillate, made from Juniperus communis.

The fact remains that by law to produce Borovička one has to use either ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin, corn spirit or grain distillate (law That's why we chose the best of it, and besides the juniper distillate in our Borovička you can also find rye distillate. Juniper fruits, which are used for the production of BVD Borovička, comea from the foothills of the Slovenský Kras National Park and the Slovak Paradise National Park and are harvested manually in the late autumn, when the fruits pass through the first frosts and are in the highest ripeness. After manual sorting, processing and distillation, the result is a high quality Borovička, the only one of its kind.


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